About Fuad Habba

About Fuad Habba

Fuad Habba – Enterprise FinTech & SaaS Account Executive at CrossBorder Solutions. Fuad Habba is Enterprise FinTech & SaaS Account Executive at CrossBorder Solutions.

Senior retail financial services and FinTech/SaaS Enterprise leader with 13 years’ experience, customer driven relationship management (CRM) and operations professional with a results-oriented focus on business of a lean and efficient operational infrastructure

New business identification and client centric retail development; working with with Fortune 1000 institutions, start-up entities, SME, B2B, private equity groups, and ultra-high net worth individuals regarding retail financial offerings and enterprise banking solutions.

Implement customer-focused initiatives at multiple levels, from market growth, adoption, and long term relationship service, to leading transformations in large consumer finance organizations. Recognized for the ability to scale organizations, financial acumen and analytical forecasting, P&L modeling, variance management, ad-hoc analysis, metric/data interpretation, budgeting, financial modeling, and IR reporting.

Developed strong personal connections with reports, peers, C-suite, sales, partners, finance, HR, sales operations, and other stakeholders. Ability to think and act independently within a fast-paced multi-task driven environment. Excellent listening, verbal, and written communication skills.

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